GCSE English updates

Over the summer, our team were working hard to update and extend our secondary content for English and English Literature to reflect the new aspects of the English National Curriculum.

Whilst the content will still be relevant for students working on the old specifications, you will find that what we have available is ideal to support learning and assessment for those students sitting GCSEs from 2016 onwards. A large number of our existing quizzes have been updated to incorporate the new subject content and assessment objectives and you’ll find lots of new quizzes that have been created.

In English Language, you will find questions and activities focused on critical reading and comprehension; summary and synthesis; evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features; and comparing texts. In addition to this we have reflected the renewed emphasis on the more technical aspects of language: including knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, alongside the correct use of grammar, punctuation and Standard English. Our key stage 3 resources have also been updated to help prepare these students for the new expectations once they enter key stage 4.

In English Literature, as you are probably aware, we already had coverage of a wide range of texts. Many of these continue to be relevant and have had additional questions inserted to help your students to achieve the new assessment objectives. We have also introduced activities based on texts that we haven’t previously covered, across the range of high quality texts specified: Shakespeare, 19th century novels, poetry since 1789 and those from modern Britain.

We hope that you find the updated content useful and we’d love to hear any feedback.

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Bug Fixes – 27/05/15

Bugs Resolved

Below is a list of bugs resolved as part of the latest FrogPlay / IAL hotfix release. Customers will receive this update on the evening of Wednesday 27th May 2015.

[ARJ-930-35824] – Resolved issues with the MIS import resetting points for existing users.

[CMJ-386-37645] – When setting a new piece of homework you will now be able to successfully filter on the field “Key Stage” with correct results appearing.

[EJB-372-98083] – School Administrators can now view and reply to messages.

[HRZ-815-80287] – Resolved issues and the data results for quizzes will now be consistent when viewed in FrogLearn as well if directly viewed within FrogPlay.

[INS-222-32825] – Increased the size of the images that are used for answering questions so that they can be clearly seen by users.

[KLP-205-50968] – Resolved issues with the question type “Match the words and meanings” marking answers as incorrect.

[LPG-735-20251] – Teachers and school administrators will now be able to successfully reset student passwords. Please note that this issue only impacted FrogPlay standalone customers.

[QMM-854-32387] – Teachers and school administrators can now play games that are still locked from a student view.

[RQF-816-44333] – Text can now easily be added to the quiz question type “Match Pairs” (previously a problem in Chrome browser).

[SYS-902-30843] – When allocating an exercise to a group of students the “Finish” button will now correctly appear.

[VDY-155-37020] – Resolved issues with results page in quizzes duplicating results for quizzes that were less then 20 questions.

[VWZ-889-40580] – Resolved issues when a user incorrectly entered their username and password at the standalone login screen. Please note that this issue only impacted FrogPlay standalone customers.

[WNC-363-39789] – Resolved issues with some school instances duplicating users instead of linking automatically to pre-existing accounts.

[XBO-960-57667] – Improved the seamless integration between FrogLearn and FrogPlay. Quiz results will now display correctly within FrogLearn and FrogPlay for new students without the need for them to login into FrogPlay first.

[YYA-894-71135] – Resolved issues in the Chrome browser whereby the current users details were being populated when adding users directly. This was only seen with Chrome v39.0.2171.65 or higher.

Removed the mandatory requirement to enter a “Subject” when editing a class to add a student.

Resolved issues with the action icons (such as publish, delete) moving upon the mouse icon hovering over them in Internet Explorer. Please note that this issue only impacted FrogPlay standalone customers.

When duplicating a quiz from FrogDrive the quiz name, key stage and subject will now be pre-populated with the original quiz data instead of appearing blank.

As a school administrator when selecting Download CSV for reports this will now open in a separate tab within your browser session.

Resolved an issue with leaderboards not displaying user correctly if in the top 12.

Should a quiz be created with a key stage of “EYFS” this will now display correctly within FrogDrive > Quizzes.

Additional filter when using ‘Find questions’ to build new exercises from questions in other exercises. Can now specifically filter for IAL content banks only or community exercises.

Resolved issue with student notifications when teachers provide homework feedback.

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I am learning 8 / FrogPlay Bug Fixes and Updates

Our brand new release has proven a massive hit with both our learners and teachers. With improved functionality, brand new tools and enhanced reporting we’ve already made a huge impact.

The FrogPlay team wanted to keep you up to date with our next release taking place on 16th April 2015 for both I am learning and FrogPlay. We’ve fixed a variety of initial bugs which are detailed below.

I am learning 8 / FrogPlay

Improvements and bug fixes


  • [#TYW-960-21572] Support for 5 answers in multiple choice questions on iPad
  • [#WAV-591-89572] Manage class user lists for classes with no subjects
  • [#ZWH-662-65089] RM Unify single sign on issues
  • Homework creation screen height issue
  • Homework editing screen student selection issue
  • Quiz player Internet Explorer compatibility issue
  • Rowing game start button issue
  • Administration persistent filter issue
  • [#EFI-588-65442] Moodle single sign on redirect issue
  • FrogPlay with Frog Learn cookie message display issue
  • FrogDrive quiz loading timeout error
  • [SCL-898-85696] Exercise creation screen help text alignment issue
  • [RCU-355-20928] Quiz player categorisation type question layout issue
  • [UGY-173-29327] Teacher replying to student message issue
  • [CLD-518-77466] Higher or Lower game completion issue
  • [KNJ-448-42169] Picture multiple choice correct answer issue
  • [JZY-455-23158] Survey duplicating questions on edit issue
  • [TVP-343-60452] Quiz creation tool in Learn first stage layout issues
  • [SNU-287-14947] Class, form and group filter layout issue
  • [PBT-310-82364] Homework report tab design issue
  • [TVJ-994-48417] Default filter display issue
  • [TSZ-801-57126] Quiz player exit for short quizzes issue
  • [GRJ-681-17367] Quiz player correct/incorrect feedback screen design issue
  • Quiz creation tool blended exercises feature exercise selection issue
  • [PJO-184-57252] Feedback report downloading for an individual student issue
  • NGN FrogDrive quiz display issue
  • Teacher reports default start date is no longer 1/1/2014
  • [BSM-212-30516] FrogDrive unable to filter by quiz subject issue
  • [CMJ-386-37645] Homework tool key stage filtering issue
  • [MNW-751-94694] Exercises list icon layout issue
  • Administration theme support issue
  • [FPQ-104-51070] Privacy policy link for teachers issue
  • [PBP-862-92656] Manage users form ordering issue
  • [YWS-887-75603] Homework matrix report question selection issue
  • [NFM-108-76301] Feedback report linking to homework report issue
  • [NIJ-411-93420] Out-dated videos removed from student help section
  • [OBF-508-56630] Exercise creation screen size layout issue
  • [GXN-469-52606] Quiz player final question game data issue
  • [LOT-637-31141] School unlock all games override issue
  • [ZYB-785-26759] Current academic year filter issue
  • Teacher edit quizzes access control issue
  • [CRA-265-55550] FrogDrive quiz creation in ‘Not Applicable’ key stage issue
  • FrogPlay assignment creation page layout issue
  • Quiz exit screen design changes for large format screens
  • [KNT-286-22038] Exercise creation optional file upload feedback issue
  • [VEY-781-84341] Quiz player height tweaks for small format screens
  • [UOP-860-76922] MIS importer year ID issues
  • [UHM-134-84211] Administration analytics data issues
  • [MTT-535-35439] Quiz player Internet Explorer issue
  • [QQE-704-71094] Administration persistent filters issues

FrogPlay with Frog Learn

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Exiting a quiz students are now given details of their progress towards the Challenges (achievements based around the use Frog Play rather than the games)
  • Quiz creation tool help text has been clarified
  • Search bar layout issue has been resolved
  • Assignment creation tool custom cohort styling issues
  • Teacher Dashboard statistics text has been clarified
  • Teacher quiz builder design streamlining
  • Students now have access to the ‘room’ from I am Learning, their launch point to all of Frog Play
  • Teacher quiz builder question ordering issue
  • Assignment creation tool final panel layout issues
  • Teacher reports streamlining to remove unused sections and add in new ones including VAK and Feedback
  • Teacher view of leaderboards will now show all games
  • Teacher profile page streamlining
  • Teacher Dashboard usage graph issues
  • Teacher subject report breadcrumb trail issue
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The long awaited new version!

The new version is finally here…and it has been worth waiting for. We wanted to take the time to get the changes right and we think you’ll agree we have done.

What’s new:

  • Overhaul of the homework setting tools making it easier than ever to find appropriate activities to allocate to your learners AND explore which homeworks have been set to your classes.
  • NEW ‘exam mode’ where you can set activities with no games, no right/wrong feedback screens and an optional time limit.
  • NEW ‘quick create’ tools to make new exercises using questions contained in existing topics. Quickly create new exams, new end of term tests or easier/harder examples by combining groups of questions in other exercises.
  • NEW ‘subjective’ question type. Allowing students to answer longer paragraph answers and then see exemplar answers to mark their own. We then save their answers for teacher review and feedback.
  • NEW data analysis tools with the matrix reports making it easier to compare and contrast assessment data.
  • ENHANCED feedback reporting – feedback is an essential part of the system and is the main function we can prove raises attainment. Now with new reports showing what feedback has been sent to a specific child or all the feedback you have provided.
  • Lots of new content across all subjects and key stages
  • Even more moved over to HTML5 technology – All our new features are built to work on all devices and we’re working hard to move across our remaining Flash games. Your learners can now enjoy a much richer iPad experience
  • NEW ability to customise levels of the Red, Amber and Green thresholds for different subjects in your school (School admin function)
  • NEW message centre allowing you to see all the messages sent in the system with details of who sent them, times and IP addresses for full traceability if needed. (School admin function)

Whether you have IAL or FrogPlay the new tools are here and will be available to schools from 25 March 2015.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01302 859829.

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I am Learning Live

Well its that time again!

I am learning are out and about, showing you all the latest innovation and best practice is homework, assessment and teaching and learning.

BETT 2015

We are at the BETT Show today, on stand D100 (Frog’s stand). Mike and Steve are at the show all week – come and find us, or if you would like to book some time to see us, email hello@iamlearning.co.uk and let us know when you would like to meet. Tonight we are also up for a BETT Award, so fingers crossed for us in the Secondary Digital Content Award category.

Broad Heath School, Coventry
26th Feb, 3pm
Seminar for primary schools about how Broad Heath are enhancing teaching and learning in their school with games based homework, independent learning and assessment.

To book a space, email hello@iamlearning.co.uk or call 01302 859829

Yardley’s School, Birmingham
10th March, 12:30 for buffet lunch and networking
Seminar with Dave Pohl (Deputy Head Teacher) with hands on time afterwards.

To book a space, email hello@iamlearning.co.uk or call 01302 859829

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Content Updates

Keeping our content up to date is really important to us in these fast moving times of new curriculum. Over the last few months we have begun to make some significant additions to the activities that are available for you to use. As well as making sure that all of our content is aligned to the new National Curriculum, we have begun working on creating board specific exercises for GCSE to keep it relevant to you.

As we now approach 200,000 questions, here is a flavour of recent additions:

KS1: All of our Maths and English existing activities have been reorganised to match the new curriculum requirements. We’ve also added a range of new activities for these subjects and there are more on the way. (19 new activities: 17 English and 2 Maths completed already)

KS2: Our KS2 was one of the strongest we had but these have been reorganised according to the structure of the new curriculum and recommended year groups have been tweaked where necessary to help you match the higher demands. There are lots of new activities to support things that you may not have taught before so please take a look. (50 new activities: 7 Computing, 11 English, 31 Maths, 1 Science)

KS3: Again the existing activities have been reorganised and you will have started to see some new activities appearing in various subjects, with even more to come. (40 new activities: 20 English, 9 computing, 5 History, 6 Science to name but a few)

KS4: Our provision for KS4 is continually being strengthened. As well as adding a huge number of new activities to I am Learning, we have been working on improving the existing ones to make them more closely match the requirements for each of the GCSE syllabuses. This is ongoing work but we’re really pleased with how it’s all shaping up. (125 new activities: 1 Maths, 10 English Literature, 10 English, 16 Music, 14 Statistics, 17 Computing, 16 D&T, 19 Geography, 6 History, 6 Biology, 10 Chemistry)

We’d love to hear any feedback you have about our new content or if there are areas where you feel we could be meeting your needs even better.

What’s more, if you’d like to turn your hand to writing some content then we’d love to hear from you!

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BETT Awards: We’re in the finals – second year running!

Big news for everyone at I am learning this week – we’ve made it to the finals of the Bett Awards for the second year running!

BETT-AWARDS-FINALIST-2015Bett have had another record breaking year – entries into the awards have increased by a huge 20%. Considered by many as the most esteemed accolade in the industry, the Bett Awards are a showcase of resources and companies that provide educators with the information, ideas and inspiration that are the fundamental to the learning process.

As finalists in the ‘Secondary Digital Content’ category, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure our product is aligned to the Curriculum 2014 – saving our teachers time and hopefully a bit of the worry. We have loads of exciting new materials, so we are thrilled to be shortlisted. Fingers crossed for 21 January 2015.

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I am learning 8 is coming soon!

A big welcome back to school this terms, and welcome back to I am learning.

We have been working hard over the summer months, acting upon your feedback to make I am learning bigger and better than ever.

Coming in October, I am learning 8 will be launched to your school. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Better data analysis tools making it easier to compare and contrast assessment data
  • An overhaul of the homework setting tools, making it easier than ever to find appropriate activities to allocate to your learners
  • Ability to set the Red, Amber and Green traffic light system for different subjects in your school
  • New exam mode – Set activities with no games, no right/wrong feedback and an optional time limit.
  • Data extractor: Automating your MIS data within I am learning, so your classes will always be up to date
  • As a Teacher, you will have a ‘my classes’ section to easily see whats happening in your classes – this is part of a drive to save even more of your precious time
  • Related mainly to exams, new subjective question types. These question types do not automatically mark, but can show learners criteria and they can self mark. We then save their answers for teacher peer review.
  • Lots of new content across all subjects and key stages
  • A major move to HTML 5 technology, meaning more and more games work on your learner’s iPads

And it does not end there…
There is a lot more being released in October too, and we are already working on I am learning 8.1!

We look forward to providing you with an ever improving I am learning.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: hello@iamlearning.co.uk or call 01302 859829

The I am learning team

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Curriculum 2014: Ready when you are

We’ve been working hard to make sure that I am Learning is ready when you are for the new curriculum. We’ve undertaken some extensive audits and much of our content still largely meets the needs of Curriculum 2014 for both primary and secondary schools.

The biggest change has been that students are expected to master some skills and content at a younger age than they were previously. This is in line with the government’s intentions for a new national curriculum which “embodies high expectations in every subject and will raise standards for all children”. We recognised that this would mean some content may need reorganising as it becomes relevant to lower ages, so we have been remapping our activities to make sure that they are all in the right place. This means that you can be confident that, from September, all of our activities will appear in the relevant age groups specified by Curriculum 2014.

Of course there are some completely new topics that have been introduced at both primary and secondary and some tweaks to existing ones. There are a number of subject-specialists working away for us to create activities to help you deliver those new curriculum areas. This means that all IAL schools can feel confident that we’ve got Curriculum 2014 covered. We will continue to be perfectly placed to support your teaching and learning with engaging homework and assessment activities.

One of the most fundamental changes announced last summer was that the system of levels would be “removed and not replaced”. Levels were under fire because they are “unambitious, too broad and do not give parents a meaningful picture of how their children are performing.” 
I am Learning’s reporting functions have always provided transparent information to teachers, students and their parents to tell them the areas where they are strong, on the right lines or in need of improvement. Schools have been given the freedom to choose their own assessment systems and I am Learning’s reporting will continue to help teachers make informed assessments about their students no matter what system they are using.

We know that such large-scale change in education is a big challenge for schools, but we hope that the work we’re doing at I am Learning will support you through it. We will continue to monitor any further changes in the coming year, as well as working with schools and other assessment companies to keep moving our content, reporting and technology forwards.

If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with us. 
The I am learning Team.

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What makes a good game?

Games are at the heart of I am learning. They help to engage students, whilst motivating them to continually improve. Importantly, in I am learning, as students play game to learn, we store valuable performance information which helps to inform teaching and learning. But to ensure we do motivate students, we need to make sure the games within I am learning are good games.

Our Games Developer, Joe Worthington gives us his thoughts on what make a ‘good’ game.

I’ve been the Games Developer here at I am Learning for nearly four years now. I hope by now I know what makes a ‘good’ game. I’ve also been playing video games since I was 4, back on the NES. Ever since then, I’ve respected Nintendo as a company who just knows how to produce great games, and vowed that one day, I too wanted to make video games. For me, it’s simple. It’s not about graphics, celebrity voice acting or million dollar budgets. For me, it’s the edge-of-your-seat tenseness of the final airship on Mario 3 (which as a 6 year old, let me tell you: that’s tense), through to the gripping, emotional story of Metal Gear Solid; it’s the way a game makes you feel is key. Joy, excitement, sadness, even frustration; if a bunch of pixels moving around on a screen can do this, then to me, it simply is a ‘good’ game.Nowadays, games focus more on storylines. They are becoming akin to film and books, as a legitimate source of mature entertainment, rather than a childish waste of time. The recent Sony exclusive The Last of Us has won more acclaim and awards than any other game, but when people discuss it, it’s the memorable relationships, the emotional ending and character development that people love, not so much the actual gameplay. Again, it’s the simple, core element of game design: Making the user feel something.So do we do this right in I am Learning? Every game I personally make, I try to achieve a level of quality in graphics and general gameplay, but more than this, I try to get the users to feel. Simple story elements, such as the ones found in Linty’s Quest and Spellslinger change simple button presses, to giving a user a reason to perform a task. They want to find Linty’s friends, not for useless points, but for the reward of seeing them all together again at the end.Does every company get this right? No. No they don’t. The infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines went through years of development, only to be plagued by bugs, glitches, poor sound, graphics and generally terrible gameplay. The only thing users felt here was annoyance and disgust. Hopefully, this is something we at I am Learning can avoid. Hopefully too, we can improve our games with every release, and one day, we can be as favourably looked upon as Nintendo or Sony!

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